The Chamber of Marine Commerce (CMC) is the voice of the commercial marine industry.

Our members are:

  • Domestic and international ship owners and ship operators
  • Canadian and U.S. ports
  • Industrial shippers (esp. grain, iron ore, steel, cement, sugar, salt, coal, ...)
  • Canadian and American Seaway corporations
  • Terminals, elevators, and logistics companies
  • Marine-related companies

The CMC represents over 170 companies that rely on marine transportation to deliver products and materiel that serve people all over the world. Grain, sugar, salt, iron ore, steel, stone, cement, aluminum, clothing, furniture, computers, electronics and most consumer goods, ... almost everything, at least in part, has been on a ship.

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Every year, the bi-national Great Lakes - St. Lawrence marine shipping industry is responsible for:

  • $35 billion in economic activity
  • 227,000 jobs
  • $5 billion in federal, state/provincial taxes
  • $14 billion in employment wages
  • saving thousands of heavy trucks from congesting our roads and highways
  • reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions: Rail and trucks would emit 19% and 533% more carbon emissions respectively if these modes carried the same cargo the same distance as Great Lakes - Seaway ships (CO2 grams per metric ton/kilometer)


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